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Hello friends, welcome to Fullformboss.com, today we will know through this article what is the NEWS full form? He is going to tell his full information in simple language, which will be very helpful for you and read the full form.

In the present time, the day starts with the news, that is, we wake up and watch TV or mobile news, but do you know what the full form of NEWS is? If not, then read this article completely.

What is the full form of NEWS?

The full form of news is – North East West South, thus we are news in the news from all directions of the country, it is given through video, audio, and paper.

Which is called the North East West South, NEWS usually includes war, politics, health, economy, environment, education, business, fashion, and entertainment as well as athletic events or unusual events.

Apart from this, full form is as follows

> Nature Environment and Wildlife Society
>> New Enlightenment, Wisdom, and Services
>> New Entertainment World of Sammy
>> New Edition Warrior Stories
>> Non-profit Experimental Woodworking School

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Some other News full forms

1> Full form in COMPUTING

The Network Extensible Window System (NEWS) was a window system developed by Sun Microsystems in the mid-1980s. Originally known as “Sundae”.


The Nature Environment and Wildlife Society (NEWS) is an organization in eastern India, committed to protecting and preserving wildlife, ecology, and the environment.

These full forms of news are used in different ways in different places.


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