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INDIA Full Form

There is no one familiar with India’s “India Full Form“. The word India is derived from the Sanskrit Indus (Indus) which is a river. The Greeks call the country on the other side of the Indus River as Indo.

On the other hand, India is the 7th largest country by area in terms of population. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean in the south, the Arabian Sea in the southwest, and the Bay of Bengal in the southeast, as well as it is the most popular democracy around the world.

It does not have a full form but in many places, it is also called by some of these names –

INDIA Full Form


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Some other INDIA Full Form

  • Independent Nation Declared In August
  • Innocent Native Dwellers of Indus river Area
  • Incredible Nation Dazzling Inexplicably Awesome

Other names for INDIA

India has been known by different names at different times and in different languages. Here we are talking about some popular names of India and their origin.


It is the best ancient and official name of India. The country was named India after the great king Bharatha of the Ichvaku dynasty. King Bharata was the ancestor of Lord Rama and he was the first to have connected this entire region as one country.


This name means ‘land of Aryans’. Arya is considered to be a native of India, although there are differences among historians on this matter.

Hindustan / Hind

The name derives from the Arabs and the Turks. The people of Arabic and Persian languages ​​called the Indus river ‘Hind’ and the area around it came to be known as ‘Hindustan’.


It is the Japanese word for India. The name Tenjiku is the Japanese form of Tianzhu, the Chinese name of India.

Indica / Indica

This name is given by the ancient Greek historian and traveler Megasthenes who visited India during the Maurya period. In his book Indica, he has called India by this name.


Hindu or Indus Chinese version of India.

Cheonchuk / Cheonchuk

It is the name of the Korean language for India. This name is the Korean form of the Chinese name Tianzhu of India.


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